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Telecharger Gb Whatsapp↪Now it's time to register to see what's new in the new Gold WhatsApp update version 18: Gold Themes WhatsApp's green user interface can be updated. Select a cool theme from the gold themes option. You can easily install Gold WhatsApp after you have it on your device.☸✃.

⒵☪Auto-reply message function - When a message is received, a user-defined message is automatically sent to the sender. Schedule a message - Users can set up a message on a time basis, which is useful for users carrying out business activities.❃.ⅶ

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Gb Whatsapp ActualizadoⅩHide blue ticks: In WhatsApp GB users have the right to choose whether or not to show blue ticks. Ability to send any media file: WhatsApp GB 2023 can transfer any file in any format.⇨ⓚ.

⒝ⓗStep 1. Open the settings menu of your device after uninstalling the original software. Step 2. On the newly opened page, reload the security options and enable unknown sources.⒧.⇛

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Gb Whatsapp Download Appsapk✌When someone sends you media on GB WhatsApp, it is automatically saved by default in your phone's gallery or film. But this automatic saving takes up your device's memory, but you can adjust the settings to prevent media from being saved automatically.㊁▲.

✌⇎Step 4. You can now create a folder called GBWhatsApp and this is the backup. Long press on the folder, select the folder for the backup and press the Copy option . Step 5. Return to the previous folder (local or root). Paste the folder there with the other applications installed on the phone.Ⓜ.Ⓕ

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Gb Whatsapp Download Appsapk⇆If you are currently using a previous version of WhatsApp GB, you will need to back up your data, baixar WhatsApp GB for free from the official website and install it. Before upgrading, you should understand that it is best not to uninstall WhatsApp GB currently on your phone and then download the latest version to update it. There is a risk of data loss.ⓕ◀.

✂✵In fact, this is due to the fact that GBWhatsApp does not support backing up to Google Drive. However, this isn't a problem that can't be solved, and we've found the simplest method, which can be achieved by following the steps below.⇍.⇣

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Gb Whatsapp Pro Apk⇚GB WhatsApp is very popular around the world, with more and more people using GB WhatsApp.⇣Ⅷ.

Ⓐ❅Of course, this has the advantage of helping users to quickly and easily transfer photos for download. GB WhatsApp Pro also optimises this feature. When using the latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro, uploaded photos will always be in their original quality.ⓥ.☞

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Gb Whatsapp 10.20 Download✍The GB WhatsApp download process can be safely completed on our official website by simply clicking the download button, which is as simple as ABC. GB WhatsApp contains the same basic functions as standard WhatsApp as well as a variety of new additional features to help you achieve advanced chat services.ⓩ✹.

⇛❥When you need to get WhatsApp GB atualizado , you can subscribe to the official website to get the latest news. L il w hats a will push WhatsApp GB atualizado as soon as it is available. You will need to follow the instructions to download WhatsApp GB again to upgrade WhatsApp GB.ⓡ.⇉