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Gb Whatsapp Old VersionⅦChoose "Save to Google Drive" in the options. All data will be saved on Google Drive. Wait for the end. The above is how to backup GB WhatsApp chat to Google Drive, have you learned it?☁▷.

ⓤ✺Send large files - WhatsApp has a size limit when sending files, but GB WhatsApp allows senders to send large files to any contact. Share up to 100MB audio files - With it, you can share audio files up to 100MB, such as Mashups.⒴.▲

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Gb Whatsapp Download Latest Version

Gb Whatsapp Update▩But users can still see the blue ticks for your own contacts. Don't want your contacts to wait too long for a reply from you? Don't miss out on this feature. Normally, this feature is only available in WhatsApp Business.Ⅰ☞.

⇟⑧Anti-delete feature: WhatsApp GB 2023 supports the user's choice to enable or disable anti-delete. Auto-reply messages: Users can choose to enable auto-reply in WhatsApp GB and define the content of the auto-reply.⊙.♣

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Gb Whatsapp Lite⑨Add from chat information a number not saved in your phone Open GB WhatsApp on your phone Then click on the "Chat" tab. Please click on the "Chat" tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on the "New Chat" button in the top right corner of the screen and create a new chat.▓⒦.

↳ⓧAuto-reply message function - When a message is received, a user-defined message is automatically sent to the sender. Schedule a message - Users can set up a message on a time basis, which is useful for users carrying out business activities.㊁.⇄

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Gb Whatsapp 10.35 Apk Download↶WhatsApp Go original WhatsApp GB original is the original and basic WhatsApp GB, and the most common WhatsApp GB for users. It is the basis for all the other types of WhatsApp GB applications listed below. And it's as functional and beautiful as any other original WhatsApp mod!✴Ⅹ.

⇖░Both of the above methods are used with Android and Ios users. Almost everyone who uses GB WhatsApp knows its main purpose. Let's add contacts to get closer. Have you experienced the problem of not being able to save messages to Google Drive when using GBWhatsApp?✍.④

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Gb Whatsapp Download AppⓈHide online status at any time or keep it online for 24 hours;‡◐.

⒥❄6. Click on the official download link below to download WhatsApp GB atualizado This is all the preparation you need to do to download WhatsApp GB atualizado and all the steps! It's very simple and worth a try. Previously, it was unthinkable that iPhone users could use WhatsApp GB.㊆.ⓔ

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Gb Whatsapp Old Version↵If you too have been affected by the virus called GB WhatsApp Pro and would like to explore all the features of GB WhatsApp download Pro , you can get all the GB WhatsApp Pro updates here.✒⇡.

⇕ⅩFor the official WhatsApp, this is incredible. Official WhatsApp has never been able to customise themes, which many users have found annoying. But with the GB WhatsApp Pro APK download, you can customize the theme you want. And you can change the theme as many times as you like.⊿.ⓐ